5 Ideas for Creating a Cosy Reading Nook

Creating a perfect and luxurious reading nook in your home is a favourable idea to boost your concentration while studying. You should build a good reading nook for it to become the favourite place to spend your leisure and eliminate boredom that is accompanied by such periods. Favourably, the reading area should be positioned in a quiet and peaceful place that is free from disturbances. House owners are always advised to identify a space that is secluded in the house that provides a serene environment suitable for reading or studying.

Ideas that learners should always employ to design a comfy reading area include:

Construct a Suitable Book Storage

You should build a large and well-designed shelf on the wall that can fit all your books, novels and other reading materials. The bookshelf should labeled with the names of all the books for them to be easily identifiable during one’s studies. Lastly, such a bookshelf should be painted with one’s best colours, design and pattern.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Moreover, reading nook ideas from Tylko advise homeowners to ensure free-flow of light in their reading areas. As such, a reading nook should be located close to a large window or next to a door. This is to ensure that maximum natural light enters the room. Natural light provide a cool and comfortable environment since it does not produce excess heat like artificial light. Similarly, you can surround the area with floor and table lamps which provide the required light mostly during the night and in cloudy winter seasons.

Buy Fancy Pillows and Blankets

House owners are advised to buy feathery pillows and light blankets to furnish their reading chair. Such pillows and blankets enable a learner to easily take a nap when they are relaxing after long hours of study. Lastly, students are advised to purchase such accessories with their favourite and decent colours.

Hang Your Favorite Items on the Wall

You should hang your most treasured photographs, artwork or pictures on the wall or you can mount them of the bookshelf. A learner should precisely hang the pictures that remind them of memorable moments with their friends or family. Seeing such pictures regularly helps to lift your reading spirit and concentration.

Purchase a Comfortable Seat

Comfortable chairs always help eliminate fatigue while one is reading. Thus, parents should buy a luxurious and cosy chair since they bring a relaxing and culminating effect during one’s study hours.

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4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Living Room

As the name suggests, a living room is where we spent the better part of our time. A room that you love and adore living in. You entertain, relax, drink wine every evening, and coffee every morning in our living room. Therefore, being a place where we binge on boxsets all night long, we need to redesign on a budget to make it look cosy and fancy.

We went on a hunt, and here are some living room ideas on the interior decor that will transform your space on a pinched budget:

Use a New Coat of Paint

A new and inspiring colour will reinvigorate your living room. There is a lot of affordable great quality painting to consider for your walls. It might look complex and a big commitment, but getting paint for those walls is budget-friendly and very simple. The change that comes with a crafty and creative painting gives the living room a different feel and look.

Add more Whimsy Using an Animal Portrait

Animal portraits will add some humour to your living room. Therefore, most people are in love with animals; hanging a unicorn portrait or any other you would prefer could give a bombshell look on your living room walls.

Use an Attractive Display

Gallery walls are a trend since old age. They are an attractive way to fill a blank space on the wall in a cheap way. You can use your desired family photos, souvenirs, prints, record covers. However, ensure to use frames and prints with a great layout that will form an appealing pattern.

On the other hand, a fancy universal TV stand (https://tylko.com/shelves/tv-stand/) will complement your living room too. A TV stand that has a neutral colour will bring out a cohesive look. Therefore, ensure the art gallery pattern compliments it since they are placed at the same place in some living rooms.

Roll Out a Rug

Don’t spend your pinched budget on buying a new carpet. To transform your traditional living space, you can hide the stained parts of the carpet by incorporating a small par mat and roll it on top of the over-sized carpet.

Ensure the mix up of colours, textures, and patterns are well aligned to add some interest to your living space. To have the correct balance between a full-on carpet and edgy-bohemian flare, make sure you cling to an easy and simple colour pattern and make use of neutral rugs as a base.

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Awesome Interior Design Trends For The Winter 2020/21

The freezing temperatures in the winter mean that you are more likely to spend time indoors which means the house should be as cosy as possible. There are numerous house decor styles from which you can select to give your house an upgrade. They range from simple to more sophisticated and expensive styles all of which are fashioned to transform your living space into a remarkable piece of art.

Winter Decor Styles and Tips

In keeping your house warm, you will tend to sit indoors for long hours and so comfort is a necessity and a priority. Some of the core accessories to achieving this include colour schemes as well as investing in the right furniture. Other recommended styles include adding houseplants, high-quality carpets, and cushions. Below are some of the styles:

  • Mirrored and Metallic Surfaces
  • Shades of grey
  • Deep blues.

Mirrored and Metallic Surfaces

It is a sure way to add or cast shine in your house. Metallic accents and mirrored surfaces will add to the glow in your household without a doubt. However, it is essential to know where to place them, and which colour schemes they should accompany. This is because different finishes might offer contrast as well as design interest thereby showcasing varying illuminating quality which brings about a light reflection.

Shades of Grey

It is a style that is inspired by nature’s palette and it is easy to blend this style with quite a lot of other interior design trends. Depending on the darkness or lightness of the shade, it can resemble various elements such as charcoal, hues of slate, fog, or mist and thereby create an alluring accent for your home.

Deep Blues

Blue is a colour that can create a different ambiance every single time, depending on your preferred shade. For instance, you can opt for royal blue, midnight blue, indigo, or even ink. Either way, each of these shades provides a cool feeling and even though the aim is to stay warm, this colour exudes a sophisticated celebration especially when you combine it with wooden accents. Most people opt for this colour during winter because it incorporates a festive mood making it just the ideal choice for the Christmas period. This is when there are many family gatherings or festivities, and when you snap up pictures from within your home, the background makes the picture stand out.

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