4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Living Room

As the name suggests, a living room is where we spent the better part of our time. A room that you love and adore living in. You entertain, relax, drink wine every evening, and coffee every morning in our living room. Therefore, being a place where we binge on boxsets all night long, we need to redesign on a budget to make it look cosy and fancy.

We went on a hunt, and here are some living room ideas on the interior decor that will transform your space on a pinched budget:

Use a New Coat of Paint

A new and inspiring colour will reinvigorate your living room. There is a lot of affordable great quality painting to consider for your walls. It might look complex and a big commitment, but getting paint for those walls is budget-friendly and very simple. The change that comes with a crafty and creative painting gives the living room a different feel and look.

Add more Whimsy Using an Animal Portrait

Animal portraits will add some humour to your living room. Therefore, most people are in love with animals; hanging a unicorn portrait or any other you would prefer could give a bombshell look on your living room walls.

Use an Attractive Display

Gallery walls are a trend since old age. They are an attractive way to fill a blank space on the wall in a cheap way. You can use your desired family photos, souvenirs, prints, record covers. However, ensure to use frames and prints with a great layout that will form an appealing pattern.

On the other hand, a fancy universal TV stand (https://tylko.com/shelves/tv-stand/) will complement your living room too. A TV stand that has a neutral colour will bring out a cohesive look. Therefore, ensure the art gallery pattern compliments it since they are placed at the same place in some living rooms.

Roll Out a Rug

Don’t spend your pinched budget on buying a new carpet. To transform your traditional living space, you can hide the stained parts of the carpet by incorporating a small par mat and roll it on top of the over-sized carpet.

Ensure the mix up of colours, textures, and patterns are well aligned to add some interest to your living space. To have the correct balance between a full-on carpet and edgy-bohemian flare, make sure you cling to an easy and simple colour pattern and make use of neutral rugs as a base.

Design - image by freepik - www.freepik.com